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Pudos and lockers


Is peak capacity keeping you up at night? Is your on time delivery below par? PUDO (pick up drop off) and parcel locker networks are the new power behind first-time e-commerce parcel delivery and may be the panacea for many last mile issues. Marek Różycki draws upon his experience setting up PUDO and locker networks to give you the definitive guide to creating a first-class out of home delivery network. Posts can strengthen their existing networks and market position, parcel carriers can create a physical footprint and increase capacity, and e-commerce companies can gain new advantage in the last mile.

In an interactive seminar, we cover home and unattended delivery issues including:

  • Setting up PUDOs and parcel locker networks
  • Transforming existing networks into high performance customer centric delivery systems
  • The latest developments in parcel locker technology
  • Carrier-specific vs carrier-agnostic
  • Other unattended delivery modes
  • The quest for better first-time delivery

Under­standing Amazon


Is Amazon keeping you up at night? Are you trying to work out if Amazon is a threat or the biggest thing that could happen to your parcel network or business? Marek Różycki draws upon his experience as Amazon VP Logistics Europe in this interactive workshop to help postal, parcel, and e-commerce executives understand Amazon. Learn how Amazonian thinking can help your business work – or compete – with the world’s most successful e – commerce player.

Perfecting the Last Mile delivery


Posts and carriers alike have realised that traditional methods cannot cope with the dramatic increase in mail volumes, especially B2C and C2C. Rising operating costs make last-mile delivery increasingly challenging. Mirek Gral, who has many years of international UPS experience in both planning and managing an operation will present how to deal with this situation, especially important to understand how to act when dealing with:

  • Significant volume dynamics in B2C.
  • Growing customer expectations.
  • Shortage of qualified staff, in particular drivers.
  • Increasing cost of (human) labour.
  • Rising fuel prices.
  • Increasing competition in the last mile sector, especially based on the gig worker concept.
  • More openness to the sharing economy.


Exploding e-commerce trade followed by parcel volume growth. B2C parcel volumes are experiencing double-digit growth in many countries.

Interactive delivery management


We live in the world of peaking fuel costs and skyrocketing client expectations. It is hard to attract new couriers to come, make them stay and perform well almost from day one. Failing first delivery has become even more costly. Clients who made their purchase yesterday evening expect delivery on the following morning. Clients’ daily plans alter so dynamically that often they cannot wait home for a courier to bring a parcel to their door. They need to flexibly manage their delivery.

  • IDM guarantees more value for the Client.
  • IDM brings market advantages and cost saving for courier operators.
  • IDM is essential for out of home successful delivery.


Damian Jarosz, who has implemented IDM across Europe, invites you on an IDM best practice journey. You will know how to:

  • design, plan, develop and deploy IDM
  • avoid costly errors
  • excel IDM

Perfecting the Last Mile procurement


Is your procurement process under par? Is your supply chain vulnerable and situation dependent? Inflation has hit just about every area of your organisation’s cost base.  Currently agile companies invest in development of procurement maturity, irrespective of what level they have already achieved, seeking this as a source of competitive advantage

Grzegorz Krupa draws up his experience to give you a definitive guide to creating a first-class procurement system at DPD. If you know or even feel that there is room for improvement in your procurement process, this interactive workshop will help you recognise and change this utterly important business area.

Winning Last Mile Product & Customer Experience (CX)

The secret sauce that made InPost great



You need millions for marketing to change the delivery habits of the customers, right? You believe only thousands of lockers (APMs) on the ground will attract customers? Gain secret, hard-hitting and actionable strategies that you can use right away!

Discover the proven CX techniques that made InPost’s Lockers a worldwide success story.

Powalka, former InPost CXO draws upon his experience in this interactive workshop to give you the definitive guide on:

  • How to create demand for APM’s on merchants’ sites?”
  • How to change perceived value and drive e-shoppers to switch to APM’s for good?”
  • How to integrate all touch points including: mobile app, parcel tracking, courier interfaces, customer care and marketing communications, to build a loyal customer base?”
  • How to apply the 2xFC Last Mile Strategy™; you should never start the network roll out without this


Get equipped with ready to use recipes for your:
  • last mile locations intelligence team,
  • product features ranked in respect of acquisition and retention power,
  • merchants’ sales team,
  • marketing effort tracking
  • network performance KPI’s which matter and those which just keep you busy but do not develop your last mile business.
  • CX techniques that will boost your last mile network with new and loyal users.


Strengthen your existing network and market position or, as an e-commerce player, gain a new level of advantage in the last mile.

Perfecting your cross­border


Coming soon


“I had the privilege of attending an operational workshop with my team recently, and I must say it was very insightful for us. Mirek is an expert is his field and clearly understands the challenges and opportunities that operational teams face daily. Throughout the workshop, we were provided with a wealth of practical insights that we could immediately apply to our work. The sessions were interactive and engaging, and Mirek's expertise was evident in the quality of the content and the clarity of delivery.”
Alin Abalasei
Country Manager Romania, Sameday
“Last Mile Experts organized a workshop at KEBA HQ that focused on out of home delivery solutions. Marek presented best practices and case studies, offered practical advice, and provided recommendations on how we could create new businesses opportunities with current and new customers. The workshop provided us with valuable insights that we will be able to apply to our business both in the short and long term. All in all, I highly recommend this workshop and especially Marek’s advice to any organization looking to increase both their market share and share of wallet.”
Cesar Lapuerta, MS
Sales Director Western and Southern Europe
Logistics Automation
KEBA Handover Automation GmbH
“The parcel lockers and PUDOs workshop was one of the highlights of Parcel+Post Expo with some really interesting and thought-provoking content from Marek and Ian, followed by a great interactive workshop with Posts, parcel carriers and solution providers from all over the world. It was also a great opportunity to meet some new people with an interest in OOH delivery.”
Mike Richmond
Chief Commercial Officer, Doddle
"Thanks for the great content and team interaction you provided at your recent Lockers/PUDO workshop in Amsterdam. I’m reflecting upon the full page of innovative ideas that I wrote down from your workshop and will now work even harder on implementing these changes."
Kim Kake
Owner, My Parcel Locker Australia
“Very interactive (well hosted Marek and Ian!) and useful workshop. Definitely a good place for finding new industry contacts, fresh ideas and insights about global trends and challenges in our industry. Parcel lockers (in combination with PUDOs) are definitely the way to forward managing the growing parcel volumes and I’m looking forward to the next workshop already.”
Sander Privits
Head of Technology Export, Omniva
“It was a deal breaker if you didn't get to this workshop. You would have missed out on high quality, up-to-date information that was easily communicated. I found the interactive polling of answers to important industry questions revealing, especially as the input was from respected industry people and thought leaders in the room. Marek and Ian, thanks for providing this opportunity.”
Kim Kake
Founder, My Parcel Locker
“This workshop was a real plus for me: Not only were there two top professionals, talking about a company they showed to know extremely well, but the content was transferred with high level technical equipment and in a way that kept you interested throughout the session. Both having a great sense of humour added to the value, so I could attend the workshop and take away a lot of learnings, while having a great time as well. I highly appreciated this workshop and can recommend it to anyone in the e-commerce world.”
Anton Steinberger
Head of Delivery Experience, zooplus AG
“Marek and Ian’s workshop was in two parts, the first was a very useful, insightful presentation from Marek about Amazon, its logistics programme and modus operandi. It is unusual, but refreshing, to get this level of insight. “The second half was a thought-provoking workshop on how to work with Amazon – if you can’t beat them, join them. It was a well-structured framework put together by Marek and Ian, which generated a lot of useful debate and approaches to consider.”

“All in all, an excellent afternoon, facilitated by two very knowledgeable and engaging hosts.”
Steve Bolton
Business Development Director, Doddle
“Excellent insight into PUDO networks from the key players in the market coupled with knowledgeable hosts and ‘real-life’ challenges. Well organised and thought-provoking workshop.”
Justine Clark
Industry Marketing Manager - Transport and Logistics
“Thank you very much for the interesting breakout session and workshop on ‘Understanding Amazon’. It was a perfect idea to spend some time with this important topic and to deepen it in an interactive workshop.”
Andreas Geist
Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics
“Great workshop and insights!”
Umut Aytekin
General Manager, Hepsiexpress

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