Last Mile Experts

How do you set up a parcel locker network? At the recent@Parcel & Post Expo , the Last Mile Prophets led a discussion on key considerations. (Recorded at the Modern Expo stand.)
– Why should delivery companies care about out-of-home delivery?
– Parcel delivery capacity
– Parcel lockers and PUDOs (access points – pick-up-drop-off points)
– Choosing PUDO and parcel locker locations
– Relocating under-performing parcel lockers
– Key points in choosing a parcel locker partner
– Modern Expo parcel locker park concept
– Collecting rain water from parcel lockers to create greener cities
– Parcel lockers and the 15-minute city
– Decarbonising logistics
– Creating carrier-neutral parcel locker networks
– Use of public space for parcel lockers
– Reporting emissions
– Quality of service and first-time delivery
– Using lockers for failed first-time deliveries
– UK parcel locker market

0:00 Intro
1:25 Why out-of-home?
5:32 Choosing locker locations
7:35 Selecting locker supplier
9:39 Lockers in urban environment
11:05 Decarbonising logistics
13:10 Locker collaboration
16:30 Quality of service
19:45 UK locker market