Last Mile Experts

Out-of-home delivery and returns are going to be crucial for 📦 carriers and posts alike in the next five years, with many naming it a top strategic priority to get their #PUDO networks in order. But what’s the optimal path to PUDO success? How can posts and carriers maximise the volume that flows through their PUDO offering, and how can they sell consumers on the prospect of out-of-home #delivery?

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The Last Mile Prophets have teamed up with #Doddle to present the latest research on European PUDO networks, discuss the future of out-of-home delivery and the main event: a debate on the keys to PUDO success.

– Exclusive predictions for PUDO market share of B2C parcels;
– The latest statistics on PUDO growth – including comprehensive data on European PUDO points; and
– The key factors driving PUDO adoption

Join us in this interactive Zoom webinar for some revelatory insights into the secrets of PUDO success.