Last Mile Experts

We set Marek loose among the parcel lockers at Parcel+Post Expo @Parcel & Post Expo 2022 – here’s the second instalment of our summary of some of the manufacturers at this year’s expo.
– Myflexbox creating a carrier-neutral parcel locker network
– SwipBox and its location generator tool
– Outdoor lockers with Posta Panduri
– Kern’s parcel locker partnerships in „LockerLand”
– Trend to install parcel lockers outside
– Screen-less next-generation parcel lockers
– Integrating different styles of lockers into one network

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0:00 Intro
1:08 Myflexbox
2:09 SwipBox
3:21 Posta Panduri
5:08 Kern
5:57 Analysis