Last Mile Experts

DPD is expanding its parcel locker networks across the Baltics. It is installing more lockers in Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) and Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast) discuss:
– A very important Public Service Announcement about the usage of the word „revert”
– Parcel lockers as a delivery preference in the Baltics
– Omniva’s coverage of the Baltics
– Lietuvos paštas (Lithuanian Post) growing its parcel locker network
– DPD Estonia getting serious about parcel lockers
– Latvijas Pasts (Latvian Post) also growing its parcel locker network
– 80% of Estonian shoppers prefer out-of-home delivery
– Trends in customer delivery preferences
– Lithuanian Post’s promotion of parcel lockers, including art on lockers
– Is DPD now going to focus more on out-of-home delivery in the Baltics?
– DPD Poland and parcel lockers / PUDOs
– DPD UK and parcel locker delivery in the UK

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