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We cover all the necessary steps to deploy a successful Smart Locker solution:

• End-to-end highly customizable smart locker solution
• OS, an award-winning cloud-based Parcel Locker network software
• Reduction of operational costs and last-mile carbon emissions
with APMs
• Truly agnostic and developer-praised REST API that allows for easy integration with any third party systems

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• PUDO software to build and develop an effective network
• Advanced and intuitive mobile courier applications to increase your efficiency
• Customer Self-Service Apps to enhance the customer experience
• Big data and analytics platforms to improve your reporting and forecasting capabilities
• Cloud solutions to reduce the cost of computing and ensure zero downtime performance

World-class optimization solutions
for WMS & APS systems:

• Optimization of order picking paths and routes for people, forklifts or AGVs
• Scheduling tasks & processes for optimal utilisation of resources
(Job-Shop Scheduling Problem)
• Optimization of business processes and data circulation
• Improved advanced planning and detailed scheduling
• Universal solutions not limited by programming language
• Best-in-class algorithms

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Warehouse automation solutions

• Planning of warehouse transport systems in courier, postal, logistics, e-commerce and distribution centers.
• Installation and integration of sorting systems, conveyor lines in warehouses
• AMR robots
• Packaging lines
• Warranty and post-warranty service of sorting and transport systems


• Optimise multiple routes with ease
• Customise delivery and fleet parameters
• Access dispatch through our web app
• Tailored solutions to fit your unique needs
• Expert implementation and support available.

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Let's build the future of Parcel Lockers together.

LOGO - BLOQ.IT was born to create the leading Smart Locker solution in the market, providing a truly agnostic system behind every locker called OS, that has recently been awarded the best Smart Locker software in Europe.

This means offering an end-to-end smart locker solution, from smart locker production through our Manufacturing Partners Network spreading across 6 countries to a comprehensive software solution for real-time diagnosis, statistical analysis, and more efficient maintenance.

This allows for a high degree of customisation at a local level, that covers all the steps to deploy a successful Smart Locker solution, either on open or closed networks, that can be applied across different industries and use-cases, all with remote diagnosis and statistics.

Learn more about the fastest growing smart locker company in the world and reach out at

An innovative software solution tailored to your needs is key to the success of your business.

Every organisation has unique requirements and workflows that may not be adequately addressed by generic, one-size-fits-all software solutions. Do you need IT solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and optimise your operations? Are you looking for unique solutions to gain a competitive advantage by introducing innovative products and increasing customer satisfaction? Do you need software solutions that can be easily integrated with other systems your company currently uses?

At Core3, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer tailored software solutions. Our knowledge of user’s expectations, software architecture and application development, combined with years of experience and understanding of last mile processes, enables us to efficiently deliver solutions designed to meet your business needs.

To find out more about our services and how we can help your business, please visit

Growing role of automation and optimization in warehousing and production

Process automation and optimization in both: warehouses as well production sites, is no longer a 'nice-to-have’ feature for the biggest players only. Implemented correctly, they allow not only to significantly increase efficiency (through a better use of equipment and human resources), eliminate errors and minimise customers’ waiting time, but also to reduce the risk associated with down-times or employees-rotation. Currently, it is a “must-have” for any company that wants to be efficient and competitive on the market.

Since order picking is responsible for over 50% of all operating costs in a warehouse and pickers spend half their time on moving between the racks, then even a small optimization in this area can bring you very tangible efficiency gains. The same goes for advanced processes scheduling and any area, which can be optimised using algorithms designed to solve combinatorial optimization problems.

At Otimo, we utilise our experience in creating world-class algorithms to optimise and improve the work of WMS & APS systems.

Visit our website to learn more and contact us to discuss how our optimization solutions could increase your efficiency:

We simplify the warehouse processes through the automation and robotization

Logo - Puru
W provide you the solutions for Sorting systems with high throughput, Depots for bulk and lose load automatization, Picking goods with PTL or robots.

PURU is an integrator of dedicated systems for logistics. Both, automatic and manual warehouse solutions supporting the processes of packaging, conveyor transport, AMR robots and automatic sorting using various technologies. PURU is a manufacturer of conveyors that it directs to all industries requiring support for internal transport.

Using the experience gained and the knowledge of highly qualified engineering staff, it is able to prepare any solution to increase efficiency and reduce the costs of warehouse operation.

In addition to tailor-made solutions in the field of sorting and transport systems in warehouses, we provides warranty and post-warranty service for all sorting systems.

For the detail please check our website

Is your route planning strategy holding you back?

Do you want to reduce costs and improve last-mile performance?
Do you need to size your fleet to the volumes that it serves?
Do your dispatchers spend more and more time planning routes?
Our route planning tool can help you.

As your fleet grows and your drivers deliver and pick up more, route planning becomes increasingly complex. We have worked with numerous clients in various sectors, from courier services through waste collection to pharma product distribution, achieving promising results.

Our tool can reduce mileage by at least 8.5% (up to even 24%) and significantly improve route planning efficiency. That means fewer vehicles on the road, better performance, and lower costs.

Contact us to discuss taking your route planning to the next level:

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