Last Mile Experts

Dutch national postal operator PostNL has revealed a new interactive delivery management option named ‘Parcel Buddy’, which allows users to redirect a parcel to another person’s home.

The new option can be found at the bottom of the home page or screen of the postal operator’s interactive delivery management service.

If a user is sure he or she won’t be able to pick up their delivery within the expected window, the feature allows the parcel to be delivered to another address. The only catch is that the person at the address must have a PostNL account.

When the person is selected, they will receive a notification that a parcel is being sent to them, while both parties will be able to track the delivery. The so-called ‘Parcel Buddy’ can also choose to reject the delivery.

How useful will the new service prove? Marek and Jerzy Różycki of Last Mile Experts discuss.