Last Mile Experts

Recent research shows that delivery to pick-up drop-off points (PUDOs) reduces CO2 emissions.
– Out-of-home results in one-third less carbon compared to residential deliveries
– Would parcel lockers give more carbon savings?
– Deliveries by electric vehicles
– Total cost of ownership of electric vehicles vs internal combustion engines (Swiss Post findings)
– Posten Norge’s findings of savings in electric vehicles
– Cost of acquiring electric vehicles vs setting up a PUDO network
– Parcels know-how in PUDOs
– Getting technology right in PUDOs – including IDM (Interactive Delivery Management)
– Selecting sites and partners for PUDO networks
– Payment per parcel for PUDO partner operators
– Systems and processes for loading parcels into parcel lockers
– Trip chaining and customer parcel collection habits
– Congestion and other related topics