Last Mile Experts

#DeutschePostDHL is trialling all-in-one parcel machines in Germany. Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast) and Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) analyse the new Poststation terminals:
– How is the Poststation different to Deutsche Post DHL’s Packstation
– 20 sites in Germany
– Features of the new Poststation lockers
– Deutsche Post’s history (and innovation!) with parcel lockers
– Plans to expand Deutsche Post’s Packstation network in Germany… 🇩🇪 will 12,000 be enough?
– PUDOs (PaketShop) in Germany
– Is Deutsche Post testing with PUDOs before rolling out parcel lockers?
– Complexity of the Poststation
– Do Poststations qualify as post offices under Deutsche Post’s USO?
– Is it about labour, or about customer volumes?
– Location of Poststations… and do they replace post offices?
– Servicing multiple parcel 📦 collections and drop-offs from Poststations
– Where does the customer fit into all this?
– Video chat via Poststation terminals

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