Last Mile Experts

Reducing delivery costs is a top priority for US retailer Macy’s… but are they going the right way about it? Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast) and Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) discuss:
– Macy’s delivery expenses
– Carrier holiday surcharges
– BOPIS – buy online, pick-up in store, or „click and collect” for the rest of us!
– Is omnichannel the future of retail?
– Free shipping! Should online pricing be the same as in-store pricing?
– What is e-commerce delivery?
– In-store fulfilment
– Getting closer to the customer
– Digital distance selling, delivery options, and the importance of mastering the last mile
– Bracketing (and the wastage associated with bracketing)
– Showrooms with ultrafast delivery
– How can retailers such as Macy’s reduce delivery costs?
– The importance of the customer experience
– How Amazon uses AI and data to understand its customers
– Carrier surcharges cannot be a long-term solution

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