Last Mile Experts

DHL Paket is launching a cross-border out-of-home delivery service. How will it work? What’s the point? Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast) and Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) discuss:
– Delivery to closest drop-off location
– Service will be for European destinations only at this point
– Collecting customs duty at the delivery point, and why it’s a terrible idea
– Understanding customers’ out-of-home delivery preferences
– The UPU’s .post initiative and customer delivery preferences
– Could we see Google partner with the UPU on addressing data?
– First-time delivery rates for out-of-home delivery
– Customer service failures, returns, and first-time delivery rates
– Charging customs duties up-front instead of on delivery

Deutsche Post DHL reaching 10,000 parcel lockers:

The „doorstep surprise”:

Cross-border in an era of customs and sanctions:

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