Getting the lowdown on Australia’s parcel delivery sector

In this week’s Last Mile Prophets, Marek Różycki talks to Australia-based Wojtek Foroncewicz to get the inside of track on the parcel delivery market down under. Among other things, Wojtek reveals who the runners and riders are in the market, and what the extent to which out-of-home delivery is being utilised in the country.

How Poland’s largest e-commerce player implemented its own parcel locker network

In this special episode of Last Mile Prophets, regular host Marek Różycki catches up with Last Mile Experts’ Jacek Powalka, former Head of One Delivery Product & DEX Communication at Polish e-commerce giant Allegro. Together, Marek and Jacek discuss how Allegro rolled out its green parcel locker network of Modern Expo lockers, taking into account […]

How can the financial viability of rural delivery services be improved?

The closing down of a parcel delivery company operating in the Scottish Highlands has highlighted the challenge involved in operating delivery services to remote communities. What can be done to improve the financial viability of such services? Gary Winter and Marek Różycki discuss.

The key factors behind InPost’s growth in parcel volumes in 2023


2023 was a difficult year for the post and parcel sector, with low market demand resulting in declining parcel volumes. However, Polish out-of-home delivery specialists InPost bucked the trend by recording increased volumes last year. In this latest Last Mile Prophets video, co-hosts Marek Różycki and Gary Winter discuss the reasons such a result was […]

Can Poland’s postal service be revitalised?

A report in Polish daily Rzeczpospolita has claimed Poland’s state postal operator is experiencing financial trouble and could soon run into difficulties paying its staff. In this week’s video, Gary Winter quizzes Marek Różycki on the goings on at Poczta Polska in recent years, and the duo discuss the potential for the company to turn […]

Last Mile Prophets’ thoughts on the Post Office Horizon Scandal

In the UK, a recent TV series broadcast on open-air television, 'Mr Bates vs The Post Office’, has brought the shocking events of the Post Office Horizon Scandal well and truly back into the public domain. In this episode of Last Mile Prophets, Gary Winter explains the background and history of the scandal, also offering […]

The steps carriers and police forces are taking to thwart parcel theft

Last month, Merseyside Police said it was trialling the use of a dummy van in Knowsley as a means of trying to combat parcel theft. The move is just one of many parcel theft prevention methods being deployed nowadays. In this latest episode of Last Mile Prophets, Marek Różycki and Gary Winter discuss the parcel […]

How significant is CVC’s acquisition of the Packeta Group?

CVC Funds and Emma Capital have announced the acquisition of Packeta, a leading e-commerce logistics and delivery player in Czechia and Slovakia. Packeta currently has a footprint of more than 9,000 third-party pick-up and drop-off points and more than 6,000 automatic parcel machines, and provides last-mile e-commerce delivery solutions to a customer base of over […]

The Last Mile in 2023: a year in review

Was 2023 a game-changing year for the Last Mile? Last Mile Prophets co-hosts Marek Różycki and Gary Winter look back on the year and discuss the key developments in the sector.

Looking into Vinted Go’s acquisition of Homerr

Vinted Go, which is part of Vinted Group, has announced its acquisition of Dutch delivery scale-up Homerr. Since its inception in 2016 in the Netherlands, Homerr has developed a network of social and commercial pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) points in the Benelux countries. What could the addition of Homerr bring to Vinted Go as it […]