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IT is no longer a support service for the last mile, but a core part of any successful and customer centric last mile operation. Last Mile Experts and our partners Core3 have unique experience in this space and have developed a bespoke IT review and workshop which can help you check if your IT systems are up to par with best practice. We will look at:

  • Functional coverage – focus on operational capabilities and technology-based advantage for customers.
  • Logical and physical architecture – focus on performance, scalability, and integration aspects.
  • Technology Stack – focus on future development and maintenance costs.
  • Quality and security – data and software security, documentation quality, high availability, and disaster recovery.
  • IT organisation – focus on operational processes (team structure, methodology, tools) for: development, maintenance, and quality/security/performance assurance.


Michał Mołdrzyk, Vice President at Core 3 and his team, have extensive experience with courier software across Europe, can review your IT systems and help you understand what you can do to be best in class and, if needed, where you can find the partners to help you do it.


The world of international postal exchange is facing unprecedented challenges with the introduction of two critical pieces of legislation – the STOP Act 2.0 in the United States and the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) Release 2 in the European Union. These legislative changes have the potential to significantly impact postal operators worldwide making preparation and external audits by experienced professionals more crucial than ever before.

Postal operators urgently need to review and streamline their international outbound processes, operational processes at post offices and sorting centers, and data capture and flows in IT systems. Implementing standardised benchmark processes is essential to navigate the changing landscape successfully and maintain quality of service.

Last Mile Experts, commissioned by the UPU between October 2022 and February 2023 visited and audited postal operators around the globe and now possesses unique experience in international outbound process.

What will we do?
  • LME Experts experienced in international outbound auditing will conduct site visits to observe the process.
  • We will examine all stages of the process from a Post Office, Office of Exchange to the air dispatch point.
  • We will conduct interviews with teams affecting EAD compliance including international relations, sales, operations, IT.
  • We will conduct sampling to check the effectiveness of the process.
  • We will compare the result of the study with international benchmarks.
  • We will identify risk areas.
  • We will prepare recommendations.


What will you get? A written report containing:
  • A description of your international outbound process with an indication of risk areas and gaps
  • A comparison of your operations with international benchmarks with similar operators
  • Sampling results and conclusions
  • A list of operational and IT recommendations for implementation divided into quick wins (quick changes affecting EAD compliance) and recommendations for implementation in the medium and long term.


Greg Urban, Partner, Last Mile Experts. The leader of International outbound and EAD compliance AUDIT program has conducted dozen audits for Designated Operators in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Greg has worked on projects for seventeen postal operators and for international institutions such as UPU, IATA, EIB, EBRD


“Last Mile Experts performed a software mini audit based on onsite Workshops and a review of our documentation. The review covered review and recommendations on: • Functional coverage • Logical and physical architecture • Technology Stack • Quality and security • IT organisation We were impressed with the speed and professionalism of the LME team and their deep understanding of our business. Accordingly, we are delighted to recommend both the company and the auditor to any other last mile organisation requiring assurance work in this increasingly important area of the business.”
Aku Happo
CEO and Co-founder, SMARTMILE

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